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Now No More from the 66-73 era

Photos from the 66-73 era

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Hope School & Young Bridlingtonians

Ken Nixon kindly supplied the attached. Above is a series of photographs from the annual CCF inspection from 1971 or 72.

Below are links to  a painting by Laurie Greenwood which it is believed was a backdrop to a play and photos of a summer holiday to Norway and Sweden with Ken and David Lambourne (1968?)  

   Painting (Partial)     Painting (Full)

          Holiday One     Holiday Two

1920’s Cricket Team?

Roddy Watson has kindly created a document highlighting the chain of office of former branches together with information about such

                    Click for Document

Reaching for the Stars

from Bridlington School to Alpha Centauri?

At the 2016 London Branch lunch a group of OBs (Mike Eveleigh, Mike Gething, Mike Horah, Peter Elliott and Sue Shilladay) decided to mark the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force by compiling a list of OBs who had served in the RAF and its antecedents, the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. Their initial target was 100 names, but the list now stands at over 400, many of whom have brief biographies. Bound copies will be presented to the RAF, the School and selected bodies, and the list is available for members to download by clicking the link     Download

Diary of Events 2019