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What is the Old Bridlingtonian Club?

About the Old Bridlingtonian Club

The Old Bridlingtonian Club, formed in 1903, is a community of friends who are all past students or members of staff of Bridlington School or Bridlington High School for Girls.

In summary it is:

In 1903 the OB club was founded to allow old boys of the school to keep in touch and support the school; it now accepts members from Bridlington School and the High School for Girls as well as former students of the school in its present form. The club is dedicated to retaining ties with the school and supporting it, as it has throughout the past century. Joint events with the school are held and the club supports many others including:

By joining the club, one has the opportunity to:

President:                      Tim Kench

Secretary:                       Roddy Watson

E-mail:  secretary@oldbridlingtonianclub.org.uk

Assistant Secretary:        Jim Ezard

E-mail: jezard@docmatrix.com

Treasurer:                       Daren Wilkinson

E-mail: treasurer@oldbridlingtonianclub.org.uk

Subscriptions Secretary: Paul Gibson      

E-mail: paul.m.gibson@btinternet.com

Membership Secretary:   Paul Gibson

E-mail: paul.m.gibson@btinternet.com

OB Editor:                      Pippa Warcup

School Liaison Officer:    Vacant


Marketing Officer:          Martin Barmby

 Emal: barneyrnsm1986@gmail.com

Senior Staff Member:   Kate Parker-Randall


Golf Secretary:              Alan Fumagalli

Email:  alanfumagalli@googlemail.com

Archivist:                      Sue Shilladay

Email: s.shilladay@tesco.net

 Barry Back, Neil Kitching; Mike Eveleigh, , Mark Parker-Randall, Todd Johnson